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Board of Directors

Lidia Kemeny - President

Lidia Kemeny - PresidentLidia currently works at the Vancouver Foundation as Director for Partnerships & Projects . She holds a background in the development and management of strategic relationships, organizational and public education, results-driven program development and management, leadership in externally-focused community partnerships and programs.  Lidia has extensive experience working with funding partners, community organizations, donors, research entities, government, business and civic organizations.  She holds a Master’s degree in Health Promotion from Dalhousie University and Queen's University.
Previously, Lidia has spent 16 years at BC Children’s Hospital as the Executive Director, of SafeStart, the provincial injury prevention program.  She also served as the Director of Child Health Advocacy for the Hospital, in addition to her responsibilities with SafeStart, where she worked on issues such as childhood obesity, the second-hand effects of tobacco and smoking on children and shaken baby syndrome.  Prior to moving to BC, she was the national Media Director for ParticipACTION, and was the National Project Director of the Ontario Public Health Association’s National Literacy and Health Project, a program to increase awareness about the link between literacy and health.
Lidia has two teenage daughters, bikes to work and has a passion for healthy, active living!  She has been involved with the Kindness Foundation for 3 years and served as Vice-President prior to stepping into her current role as President in 2009.

Greg Rai - Treasurer

Greg believes in the universality of kindness and how even the smallest of kind acts can go a long way in creating positive change in our world. He is a firm believer in giving back to the community as part of maintaining a healthy work and life balance.  As a Chartered Accountant and Business Major, Greg has had the opportunity to add value to a variety of organizations and brings a diverse set of skills to the role of Treasurer and Board Member.

Mike McEwan - Director

Mike McEwan - DirectorAn elementary school educator for more than thirty years, Mike currently serves as the principal of Edith Cavell Elementary School in Vancouver. He attributes most of his purpose, pleasure and drive to his greatest accomplishment – his family. Married to his wife Gail for 30 years and with two wonderful daughters, Keyrsten and Courtney, Mike believes in the value of the family as a place where the capacity for love and kindness are developed. He also believes in the inherent goodness/kindness of people. Mike sees an increasing need for organizations like “The Kindness Foundation” that allow people to connect with the initiatives of others and become motivated to grow their personal kindness quotient … providing an important balance to the increasingly insular nature of our modern society, especially the image promoted by the mass media.


Jay Peachey - Director

Jay Peachey - DirectorAs a Chartered Accountant, Jay brings to the board 16 years of financial management and strategic planning experience. He has worked with a broad range of organizations and industries including Healthcare, Municipalities, Public Practice and as a partner in a successful window manufacturing business. Jay and his wife Jan live in New Westminster. They support each other in a very active and healthy life style and together enjoy curling , golf, travel, and having a deep, loving respect for nature and all of its animals.


Olivia McIvor

Known as a ‘people champion’ since early in her career, it seemed strange to Olivia when told she would never be successful in business if she continued to ‘wear her heart on her sleeve’. Today, this proclamation has become both her passion and trademark.   Having spent three decades as a people development leader and human resources specialist supporting cultures to promote healthy, safe and vibrant working environments, she is now more convinced than ever that our lives not only compartments of personal life and work, but rather that we are people first with a desire for connection, compassion and community in all we do.

Olivia's passion to humanize the workplace has been honed by learning from literally thousands of kindhearted people across the globe.  It was through these profound stories shared by individuals that she was nudged forward to deepen her message by writing her first book The Business of Kindness - Creating work environments where people thrive" and then her second,  "Four Generations - One Workplace". 

Olivia has discovered that the message of kindness is not complex and that it crosses over age, gender, culture and belief boundaries. It is equally relevant for those who work in a corporation, belong to a congregation, own a small business, work from home, or donate time as a volunteer.  Kindness, she believes, is simpler than we realize and in the giving of kind acts we begin to see its extraordinary power to support and sustain us all to live inspired and compassionate lives. 

Olivia thoroughly enjoys, and views as a privilege and honour, working with her fellow Kindness Foundation board members to spread this message ever deeper and wider. To her, the possibilities are truly endless. 

Annastasia Palubiski

With over 10 years experience in the not-for-profit sector, Annastasia Palubiski is passionate about working with community organizations to achieve their missions. She does this through leading Vantage Point’s professional development programs on executive leadership, board governance, workforce planning and skilled volunteer engagement. Annastasia has developed and managed programs on a local, regional and national level across diverse sectors including, social services, corporate community investment, environment and education. Her areas of expertise include program development, executive leadership, governance, fund development, and evaluation and measurement. Areas where she would like to be an expert, but can really only call herself a passionate learner, include social media, creative design and online education. Along with her work with the Kindness Foundation, Annastasia has shared her expertise as an advisory volunteer with Environmental Youth Alliance and Urban Native Youth Association. Her other pursuits that keep her balanced include training to run a half marathon, creative writing, devouring novels and travelling to a new country once a year (at least).